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Welcome to TezosHODL, a service for delegating Tezos cryptocurrency. Our goal is to make your Tezos coins work for you as simply and safely as possible.

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Staking: 2489k. Available: 645k

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15% fee

Our current service fee is 15% and we payout every cycle once rewards are available.


No e-mail or texts. We do not collect any of your personal information. No risks. You delegate, you make a profit.

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We are believers in Tezos ecosystem and we want to contribute to its progress and development.

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Frequently asked question


Tezos is a new platform for smart contracts and decentralized applications. Tezos' unique proof-of-stake consensus algorithm gives every stakeholder the opportunity to participate in the validation of transactions on the network and be rewarded by the protocol for doing so.

Bitcoin has mining, Tezos has baking. In Bitcoin, miners compete to publish blocks containing a proof-of-work stamp by repeatedly hashing block headers. In Tezos, block creation is done by bakers. Rather than earning the right to create a block by finding the solution to a proof-of-work problem, bakers obtain the right when the Tezos token or roll (see below) they own (or that is delegated to them) is randomly selected to create a block.

Yes. To become a Baker you will need at least 8,000 Tezos - it's call a roll. To "bake" your own Tezos using your own stake, you would need to set up and host your own server node running both the node and baking software 24/7/365. It is highly advised that this server node has its own dedicated, unlimited bandwidth internet connection. You will also likely be required to own a secure hardware wallet and have it hooked up to the server node system at all times for added security. You will then be required to sponsor a 10% Tezos security bond to assure that you follow the Tezos "baking" rules. This 10% of your Tezos ownership could be lost permanently if baking violations or problems are detected.

If hosting your own server node does not sound like something you are interested in doing, a Delegate such as is your most profitable alternative. As a delegate, we offer to share our profits (in the form of dividends) in a bid to attract more stakes such as yours. More stakes allow for economies of scale.

Yes. When you delegate your Tezos, you're just giving the baker permission to bake them, your Tezos never leave your wallet, do not worry.

Overdelegation is when bakers hold less than 8.25% of the amount of Tezos delegated to them. When a new block is created a security deposit is frozen from the baker's account. If the baker's balance is insufficient they miss out on the opportunity to bake the block and, thus, do not get the block reward. This results in missed profits for both the baker and for those who delegated.

The network provides a reward for those who stake their XTZs. The reward is estimated to be 5.5% annually, though that is likely to fluctuate significantly, especially early on. Expected annual yield during betanet is ~10-15%.

The Tezos protocol is designed in a way that the baker uses the ratio of seven cycles back. Received rewards are frozen for five more cycles. After that, the payments will be made. We will pay back to the delegation accounts on any cycle where rewards are owed. We will pay rewards within half a cycle from the rewards being released. So once you get the first payment you will then receive a payment every cycle thereafter

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